BEFORE YOU SAY SHE AIN’T “wife material”…

Before you open your mouth to say she’s not wife material ask yourself if you are a husband material too. Before you even think of calling her loose or ratchet or whatever name that suits you “saint” ask yourself if you’ve participated in making her that. If you have shut up and start your journey of repentance. Or better still find yourself a spot in the market place where all day is talking about others.

Girls dream of marrying virgins too. They too want a husband material and not some guy who keeps on smoking all day and checking out every single girl at sight and sleeps around. Not guys who’s ego is higher than the cost of living in Kenya today.  Girls too want that guy who can stick to one girl for loyalty purposes and not a guy with so many girls who are fit to be an audience in a rally. We are no longer interested in guys with plans and ambitions but  guys with actions.

So you think you are just going to use a girl and then later in life get married to this good girl. jokes on you.. you attract your own kind and you are going to get your match. Be the kind of man you’d want your sister or your daughter to be with.

We too want men who our daughters and sons will look up to as role models. Not someone who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of keeping her. Someone who makes an impact and leaves a legacy.

Dear all guys who’s ego is high..we girls have a phobia for heights so you might want to starve that ego and feed your souls.

To girls before you allow someone to call you that know your worth. Don’t be someone’s sometimes. Don’t give people reasons to call you that. Stick to your principles and don’t sleep around.

Let God make a man out of him before you try to make a husband out of him.


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