I am at that stage in my life where i am so comfortable in being single that i don’t want to leave this zone. That moment in my life where i don’t have to check up on anyone or treat people more special than others. That point where i don’t really bother about fashion anymore because i don’t need to impress anyone (haha i mean any guy). That point where i get so hurt when people are walking out of my life when i’m expecting them to actually run out of my life. (pun intended)

That point where suddenly my mum is my best friend and my dad is my super hero. That point where i have come to appreciate the value of family. And everything that my mum once told me is making sense like take time and guard your heart and that good things do take time. What my dad said about working hard and nothing comes easy is making sense too.

That point in my life where i’m getting heartbreaks from people who are not even mine. (trust me its not the best feeling) Close people betraying me and i somehow have to deal with it. Close people pushing you away when you try to care. I’m definitely at that stage where every song..every photo is just a reminder of a memory that you went through(that point where lyrics are making sense)

That point in my life where i am trying to figure out my life and who i really am. It just hit me and i don’t know why. that point where peace is my priority and i just want my space. that point that i just found out i’m not really extroverted i am somewhere in between wanting to be out there and at the same time reserved. Just somewhere in between an introvert and extrovert.

That point that i’m torn in between my passion for writing and my passion for coding. I want to be the tech girl and write thousand lines of code and maybe visit my favorite place in this world (silicon valley) and get the Zuckerberg-Bill Gates-Steve jobs type of feeling  and the same time write for New York times. My obsession for tech and books is just another feeling which is out of this world.

At that point when this guy used to give me butterflies and now its like all the butterflies have died. (story for another day)

I am at that point where i am just letting Jesus take the wheel.


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