good friend of mine captioned his photo on Instagram “i am not lucky you have no idea how much time i spend on my knees”  and it hit hard.

Do you see those relationships that have thrived so well and you wish yours was like those and not a sulky one like yours? That there were no arguments every single night and you just lived happily ever after?

Before you start yelling every relationship has issues and before you call your pack to inform them how your lover hurt you yesterday or how they are not living to your expectations ask yourself “how much time do i spend on my knees praying for him/her?” So now that you have been trying to change your better half with no success does it mean you ditch them? No it means get down on your knees and ask God to be the center of it all. When God’s warriors go down on their knees the battle is not over. It has just began.

To win the fight you have to come up with the right strategy and the right resources because victory doesn’t come by accident. If you think pin-interest and brainy quotes are the solution to a successful relationship you lack a strategy. If you use those as your weapon of defense you are not different from that person who will go to war with a bow and arrow to fight against a whole army with ammunition and grenades. You will definitely lose. Just because brainy quotes told you that “you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change” doesn’t mean Jesus can’t. Come on if He changed water into wine what about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Behind every successful relationship there is someone on their knees praying for it. Before you open your mouth to tell people how bad he/she ask yourself “have i thanked God for him/her today…have i prayed for his/her future today…have i thanked God for his/her studies frequent do i pray for him/her…Is GOD the center of this relationship? Is GOD the third strand in our relationship?”

so before you sit down with your “council of elders” to try finding solutions to your relationship make sure you have prayed about



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