Shout out to all the side chicks who refuse to cheat on another woman’s man. If you are a side chick and you’re reading this KEEP READING it might help you. So you’ve been flirting with this guy who has already made it so clear that he’s dating? And you feel so comfortable with the whole issue. My sister the seed you are planting you will surely reap  abundantly. Don’t you ever sit down and think of yourself and wish to one day have your own man and start your family one day..invest with him and life happily ever after? Why do you allow yourself to be someone’s ‘sometimes’. Relationships are just for two people are you that poor in math??

You just sit there thinking that he’s going to someday break up with his girlfriend for you? wow! Wake up and realize you are a lot more than that. Stop allowing other people to determine your worth. The blunt truth is if you’re his side and you end up dating remember your spot has opened up and it’s free and another girl like you with no sense of direction will fill it. It is a cycle and it repeats itself every time. Refuse to be used. If you know someone is already taken please respect their relationship. Give the other girl some peace of mind.

A guy won’t respect you unless you give him something to respect. Raise your standards so high that you will be the S.I unit of self-worth and dignity. His attention means nothing if you don’t respect yourself.Just because someone desires you it does not mean they want to be with you. If you don’t walk away you will be so disappointed. A guy will make you feel the luckiest but always know at the end of it all he will go where he’d rather be. THEY DON’T CHEAT WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE BETTER THEY CHEAT WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE OKAY PLAYING SECOND!!!

if you are a guy and you have a side chick SHAME ON YOU BIG TIME!!!!!!!



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