I wish LOVE was as easy as going to the supermarket and purchase an item written directions for use…or store in a cool dry place…or if it comes to contact with your eyes rinse with plenty of water and if symptoms persist seek medical advice. But then again these directions differ from product to product. Like for example you will find serve when hot in a packet of ugali and best served when chilled on a coca-cola bottle. In short this should tell you how you love differs from any other persons’. Their is no specific way as to how one should love. Well i know you’ve come across those weird guidelines if your partner is not treating you like this run…if he’s not taking you out run for your life…the common one being  if you’re always the first to text and call he/she is not interested.

Sometimes you meet someone you become close. You develop feeling towards them then FRIEND ZONE happens. Then they start dating and tell you about it and you’re just there torn in between being happy for them or not. But after a while you just shrug it off and life goes on. But now there is this other type you meet and they sweep you off your feet. They bring some type of excitement that was never there. They ask you for your number and the first time you text you realize they have a problem…they’re always blue ticking you(opening text and not replying) they like literally ‘ignore’ you. You then decide to talk to them about it and they say they’re poor in texting it is just not their thing. You tell your friends about it and you get different responses he’s just pretending….he doesn’t want to talk to you….some things were not meant to happen…men are all the same…you’ll find a good guy..everyone with their different story. Your friends will tell you how to run your relationship but only you know how he/she makes you feel.

Main confusion when it comes to such is whether to walk away or try harder.Personally i’m never afraid of waiting.. my greatest fear is waiting for something that will never happen. But then again i strongly feel a part of me will always be waiting for you.



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