Time to grow up. You want me in the friend zone say it. I seriously have an issue with people who lead others on. People don’t have time for games anymore. With all those games in playstore, apple store, windows store you still decide to play with people’s feelings. (smh) At least respect someone enough to tell them what’s up. If you do not want to talk to them just tell them.If they’re getting on your nerves let them know. If you’re losing feelings let them know. Don’t wait to take them for a merry-go-round. They deserve to know. Why would you keep leading someone on if you’re unsure of what you feel for them. Time to grow up and speak up.

Sometimes they don’t want you to reciprocate they just want clarity. Don’t start up things if you’re not ready for them. Don’t call them sweet names and excite someone for no reason. Then the notorious ones who keep on saying they kept quiet because they never wanted to hurt you. And you just go like WOW!! that was so superman of you. Someone wrote ‘a clear rejection is better than  a fake promise’. Don’t raise someone’s expectations and later break their hearts.

You want to be friends say it. You want a relationship say it. If you are not ready to commit say it. You want a fling say it. You want a long term thing say it. In short clarify the zone and DON’T LEAD PEOPLE ON!


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