Doesn’t the word ‘resolutions’ just sound like a huge object that can fall on you and hurt you big time? I don’t know.

these resolutions are different from the daily ones where you vow you will NEVER text your crush again but then you just find yourself texting them. Actually you double the texts.

I will tell you why i can never make resolutions. look for instance a student resolving to work harder in school. Hello..that is what you are supposed to do. A couple resolving to love each other more. Aren’t you supposed to like love each other?? that’s what couples do and that is why you are not business partners. someone resolving to be attending lectures. i mean this is why you came to school basically. i will save money is another common one. you don’t know you’re supposed to save for a rainy day?? 

I just think that these resolutions are a little bit overrated . they have been given a larger image than life. i think it is always a polite way of reminding us that we got our priorities all wrong. don’t make a long list of reSolutions.. just do what you got to do. don’t label it as things i will do before this year end.. instead just write things i got to do every day

I only have one resolution for this year  NOT TO HAVE ANY RESOLUTIONS


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