Before anything let me say that I hate you cupid…you and your arrows!!!!
Life sometimes throws at you things you were not ready to catch. Positions you don’t want to be (smh).
Sometimes we love people too deep till it hurts. We spend time with them get close like very close. We are so into them untill nothing else makes sense. Everytime you want to text someone you think of them first. You wait for the brightest star and you make a wish that those moments lasts forever.
You love them but you keep quiet about it simply because pinterest told you ‘never rush things that need time to grow’ so you just chill.
Day by day feelings growing stronger bonds tightening and you just don’t want a day to pass without seeing them.
Then life happens once more and they fall in love too…but not with you this time.their fairy tale begins. You know the i-love-you-you-love-someone-else cycle right??
You say you’re ok with everything and you’re happy for them. But deep down you’re hurting. It’s paining you every single minute. You want to forget everything…most importantly you want to strangle cupid for wasting another arrow.
You say you’ll be ok even though you know you won’t. You just lie about everything. You don’t even have the strength to face them you might breakdown anytime. You say you won’t text them again but you still do not because you’re happy for them but because they still mean the universe to you. A fact even the fastest athlete can’t run away from. Then the funny bit is just how they’re clueless that they  hurt you. Things never turn out the way we want them to but it doesn’t change the fact that life must go on. Yes I’m so ready to move on but forgetting how someone makes you feel is the harder fight.
Dear cupid,
NEVER shoot me again…why don’t you use those arrows to kill those wild animals escaping the game parks and disturbing people.

Dear Santa,
This Christmas I just wish to wake up with amnesia…that’s the greatest gift


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