I wrote daughter because i am my parents’ daughter and i don’t know what campus is teaching your sons.


Lets  walk down the memory lane together. Do you remember how you killed your daughters’ innocence? I’ll tell you how. When she was young playing with boys was just a normal thing. Very normal. No one saw the bad side of it. Not even you. So what happened when your daughter reached puberty and you told her “don’t ‘PLAY’ with boys they are dangerous” (whatever that was supposed to mean) You remember when she  got her first love letter how you almost killed her in beating and you were so mad at her. How you have been shying to give her the sex talk and you only gave her endless threats. Do you remember constantly reminding her ‘what will the women in my fellowship think if you dress like this…what will the neighbors say..what will the society think?'(i hope it rings some bells)

I am a campus student so trust me when i tell you i know what i am talking about. So i will tell you for free. Actually let me be sarcastic.

Thank you for not telling your daughters these things. Thank you for constantly reminding them it is always about what people will think and not about  the values one has. For always changing the channel every time you saw “PG” your screens.For forbidding her from having relationships with a boy and yet you don’t tell her what to do when she feels attracted to boys. Thank you once again actually CONGRATULATIONS!!! for being that parent who never passed through adolescent stage and skipped from childhood to adulthood and the first man you ever saw was your husband.(note the sarcasm). Thank you for threatening your daughter and telling her “NEVER bring pregnancy here”(directly translated)

campus is not showing your daughter teeth(directly translated) The sex talk you didn’t give to your daughter, the things you never told her. But don’t you worry i have ‘good news’ for you. Campus is already teaching them all that.It is in 3D now. Why are you scared sit back and relax because her roomie is already giving her the talks.  You told her not to get pregnant??? Relax campus is teaching her how to not get pregnant AND ‘PLAY SAFE’. Dearest parents there are no neighbors here. She didn’t carry the society in her suitcase. oh and your women fellowship group? Newsflash it was left in the rural. Welcome to campus parents the land of total freedom. You insisted on long clothes and baggy skirts?? and you didn’t tell her why. Don’t you worry she will wear that during the holidays but that is not how it operates here.

You told her MEN ARE DOGS?? How i wish you could have taken your time to think that DOGS ARE LOYAL you were right they are loyal and are teaching your daughters what you didn’t. i know you never thought of that before. So if they are dogs as you claim why are you still married to them?(preaching water and drinking wine).

To the fathers who are so ‘busy’ chasing money that you rarely have time for your daughters. Feel happy…pop some champagne and make a toss because other men of your age already took your place. You can’t give your daughter the attention of a father? Don’t stress much another man thrice your daughters age is already paying her for her attention. You say you are busy? That is not an excuse this grandpa has a family he’s taking care of but still finds time for your daughter. You can’t find 30mins to talk to your daughter? Someone else has volunteered on your behalf and is spending the whole weekend with your daughter.

Then you claim that this is a rotten generation. While instead of taking your responsibility as a parent and teaching them and telling them that it is not about pregnancy. It is about one’s dignity and self respect. (is it so hard to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon)

We have outgrown the threats now. Take it like you are watching a movie. The remote control is in your hands. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to stop the movie and talk to your daughter or you want to get to the end and keep watching endlessly as your daughter is being molded by campus.

EVERY GIRLCHILD can be a victim or is already a victim.


so please pause the Women Empowerment campaigns and first EMPOWER your daughter.


yours faithfully;

campus student





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