There was a time when every sunrise in the month of December brought me close to Christmas day. That time when new clothes used to excite me so much and Christmas was never Christmas without new clothes and a bunch of memory verses to recite at church. Did i mention the baby Jesus plays (i always got to play the sheep’s part where the shepherds were watching them) it was never a big role but i loved it. I was out there confidently making the sheep’s noises to my fullest. (where were you snapchat)

No one told me i would grow up one day.

So i get to my sweet sixteen(drum rollls) and strange things start happening to me. i like calling that time my candy fantasy years. That was the time i used to tell myself i will get married to Justin Beiber or one day meet my Alejandro guy like it happens in soap operas(shakes head vigorously) . i used to think i will one day walk in town carrying stuff in my hands then this guy from the opposite direction collides with me they fall down then we would try to pick them together then as we are waking up coincidentally at the same time we would give each other ‘THAT LOOK’ then cupid would shoot us both and just like BOOOM!!! I would meet my prince charming. ( i should have been called Joseph because i was such a dreamer)

Justin Beiber never knew me then (he doesn’t even now)  but faith kept reminding me everything is possible and we might as well end up together (poor me).

Now at my 19years i have come to understand that life is not all about brainy quotes. there is no manual for a perfect relationship. i have learned that its not always aboput his popularity at school…how best he can sing…how cute he is…how many likes he gets for a picture posted in social media..it’s not about how many followers he has.

At nineteen Christmas is just another day. I’ve come to understand why people do things the way they do them instead of rushing to judge. i’ve realised its not about the physical appearance of someone it’s the inner self of someone ( i know your’e about to say you don’t walk around carrying x-rays but don’t you worry you’ll grow up too)

Today when you ask me why i like you i can’t explain a particular reason it just happened. You may not be the cutest but you are the best in your own way. You have your flaws  but who cares???? (at least not me). I was thinking I’m abnormal but naaah GUESS I JUST GREW UP

when life gives you pieces of flaws stitch them together and make a hoodie of happiness and wear it or make heels of confidence and walk tall. Life is too short to seek people’s approval.

At this rate of thinking when i get to my 20’s i will sit in a council of elders and make decisions for my clan (hahahahahhahaha)


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