Dear Mr. President….

Allow me to submit my sincere plight. As you read this I want you to think deep and meditate. Your highness, allow me to take you for a journey.

Your Excellency, my journey did not start 3 years ago. NO! It started 16 years ago. Oh yes I can still remember her. She was called teacher Stella. She taught me how to hold a pencil, write my name and to read. Did you know that by that time I had no content in my brain? But she was patient with me even when I confused letter P with number 9. Mind you I was not the only student in that class so you can imagine the stress.

8 years down the line I went to the next level. Of course I didn’t make it to alliance but I made it to my alliance “MAKUENI GIRLS”. Here I met more teacher Stella’s. Your highness my history teacher in my first class told mentioned the NATIONAL HEROES the likes of Kisoi Wa Munyao, but sir, she forgot to mention her name. my Geography teacher told me the difference between the river in our village and a sea, I used to call them stones but she told me they were rocks. My Mathematics teacher made me see the possibility in the impossibilities. When I saw myself as a looser he chose to see a winner in me and made me believe in myself one more time. My computer teacher told me that the father of all computers was called CHARLES BABBAGE but she was very wrong. She is the mother of all computers because she made me be like a computer. My Kiswahili teacher told me “HESHIMA SI UTUMWA” and that is why despite the pain and the bitterness in my heart there is no single insult in this letter.

The list is endless. Your highness this team has struggled to see to it that I succeed. It’s true we have had our differences but still that doesn’t reverse the love I have for my teachers. The hours they stood in front of the class trying to sink concepts in me. The times they had to sacrifice to be with me and teach me late night. How they sacrificed their sleep to be in school early just for me.

Your highness….that is why I sincerely think it is unfair. Very unfair for these magnificent heroes to go on strike and not get what they want. Your Excellency out of their hands P. L. O Lumumba was made; out of those very hands Barrack Obama was made. Mr.  President out of the Geography’s teacher’s hands the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate wangari Maathai mastered the art of environmental conservation. Sir; those same hands are going to mould me into that lady of substance full of responsibility.

Mr .  president I don’t know about your definition of heroes but to me my teachers are my true heroes. Its true railways are being constructed but how will people use them if they are not educated? What is Konza city without computer teachers?? Mr. President THERE IS NO VISION 2030 without teachers.

And btw Mr. President, don’t confuse me with an English student from Harvard. I owe this fluency to my number one hero. My teacher of English, a true national hero. Please your Honor pay these teachers and save your country form poverty lest it becomes a national disaster. I have my exam next week on Monday. Wish me success will you?

Yours faithfully,

Musungu m Grace






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